Qt for Linux/X11

Qt's support for different Linux platforms is extensive and mature. Before you get started, ensure that your development environment fulfills the requirements.

Downloading and Installing Qt

You can download Qt 5 installer from http://qt-project.org/downloads. The download page contains the installer and the source packages for all supported development platforms. Once downloaded, the installation program runs like any executable on Linux. With the installer, you can select the components you want to install and follow the instructions of the installation program to complete the installation.

Note: Qt Enterprise packages are available from the Try Qt Enterprise page.

The Qt Installation Program page contains the full installation procedure and the available installers for Linux distributions.

Building Qt 5 from Source

You can also build Qt 5 from the source package and configure it according to your target platform. The source packages are obtained from http://qt-project.org/downloads.

Below, you will find more information about building Qt from source.

Deployment and Other Issues

The pages below covers specific issues and recommendations for creating Linux/X11 applications.

Where to Go from Here

We invite you to explore the rest of Qt. We prepared overviews which help you decide which APIs to use and our examples demonstrate how to use our API.

Qt's vibrant and active community site, http://qt-project.org houses a wiki, a forum, and additional learning guides and presentations.